Rideout Friday 29th September 2023 in Yorkshire

As mentioned elsewhere, @Towner92 and I are taking a couple of Triumphs out from Youles in Manchaster on Friday, from around 10am and for a few hours, hopefully. If anyone else wants to come along you’re most welcome. No route planned but chances are we’ll dip in to the Peak District, possible stopping at Yondermann cafe for a halfway chat about the bikes.


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I probably shan’t be able to attend - good idea though! :grinning:

Not even with three days notice? :grin:

I would probably have come up for a Yondermann meetup but already have a ride with Mrs Mouse planned…

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Mrs Mouse would be welcome as well, obviously. I could bring cheese. :cheese: :grin:

Don’t think Mrs Mouse is interested in bike talk :wink: and this Friday is meant to be ‘us’ time :slight_smile:

Anyway, it’s too far for Mrs Mouse at 2 hours each way, and that’s at solo speed :wink:

It’s ok, I got that it was Mrs Mouse time. :smile: Another time though!