Ring RTC4000 Cordless Tyre Inflator

A few months back I picked up a rechargeable inspection lamp from Ring. It’s robust and does the job very well - I’m pleased with it. This week I put some more faith in Ring and bought one of their cordless tyre inflators.

It’s a solid piece of ki, supplied with the hose and a few adapters for different types of valve, the usual suspects, that live behind a small flap on the bottom of the inflator. It’s charged via a USB-C port. They supply a cable.

Ring seem to put a lot of care in to their products. There’s a well-designed groove in the back that the hose fits in to snugly. My old 12v inflator just has spaces in the sides to put the cable and hose. It’s a faff to coil them up and stuff them back in without them popping out. This is much neater solution.

I’ve only used it once, on a car tyre, and it pumped 1 PSI in about 12 seconds. The bike tyres will be lighter work, I suspect.

Comes with a case, too.

Recommended piece of kit.


That looks like a really good bit of kit. :slightly_smiling_face:

I had my ring tyre pressure pump delivered today. Tested it out today, works really well. I also got the extension tube with the easy attach clamp for attaching it to the valve. :grinning:


Any chance of a longer term review Saul?

I’ve had the Ring RTC4000 nearly six months, used it many times, and I’m definately a satisfied customer. My initial post in November gave it a recommendation and I stand by that today.

I took a couple more photos…

:point_up: In addition to the hole for the air hose there’s a button to let air out of the tyre if you got a little over-enthusiastic with the settings. There’s also a light for those unfortunate times you find yourself inflating a tyre in the dark.

:point_down: At the other end of the device there are two flaps. They hide, on one side, charging ports taking 12v or USB-C. On the other are slots to keep the supplied adapters.

The hose that fits neatly in to the back of the device is a decent length. Not shown on this pic, it’s long enough to reach to the top of the wheel while the inflator sits on the ground doing its business.

A long press of the centre button will fire up the display. There are four memory slots and three pressure measurement systems to choose from.

I used the MV to run some tests to find out how long it would take to inflate a fully deflated rear tyre, and how many times I could do that starting with a full battery. The MV has a relatively low tyre pressure of 2.3 bar (just over 33 psi). It took 4 minutes 6 seconds for the cut-off to kick in and I managed to inflate the tyre from flat a total of four times.


MCN’s Ben Clarke likes it, too. :slight_smile:

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