RIP Wilko…

:disappointed: sad day, but at least he got to swing his plank a few years longer than his original diagnosis


Shit, didn’t know about this until I saw your post. A very unique talent, a very funny guy and a great guitarist.
Saw him a few years back in Manchester and it was a strange gig really. Brilliant music but for such a witty entertaining bloke, there was very little interaction with the audience.
RIP Wilko, have a good old knees up with Lee😉

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Don’t think the audience quite got it.
I just want to jump around when I hear the Feelgoods😀

Saw him years ago with wild willie Barrett and a few years back supporting 999, fantastic unique performer, sad.


I’ve seen him a few times in the last decade, most notably on the “Farewell Tour” with Dylan Howe and Norman Watt-Roy, and it’s always been an entertaining show - you’ve gotta luv that stage walk, the head bobbing, crazy stare and the brilliant guitar “attack”!

A quite possibly unique talent so a great loss. RIP Wilko.


And the back flip off a step ladder! :joy:

Saw him years ago in Manchester when his band was The Solid Senders.

Prior to going on stage he was drinking straight vodka from a teapot via the spout.

Legend :sunglasses:

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Sad news of the day. A blues rock legend

I would have loved to be there. Masterclass.