Rocket 3 GT221 Special Edition - Triumph video

A very comprehensive package from Triumph. I can definitely see the appeal for the rocket 3, although a bit on the large size for me to consider.

I’d still like to try one. There’s space in my garage for a cruiser of some sort. Quite pricey, though. Must get a test ride.

Agreed very pricey. I’ve had a few cruises in the past, the last one was a Thunderbird LT. I loved the bike, but it was very heavy and the clutch difficult for my arthritis crippling hand.

The Thunderbird is (was) a great looking bike. I’m always a bit surprised they don’t make it any more.

I have a bone to pick, when you posted about that Indian cruser the other day, I googled the Indian range of bikes-since then Indian dealers have been pestering me-on line- to go for a test ride. The Super Chief looks great (shoot me now) do you not fancy one?

I’m not into cruisers but I do like the rocket. I sat on Dougies and it doesn’t feel anywhere near as big and heavy as it looks!


Yes I was also surprised when they stopped production after only a few years. :angry:

It was the same as the reason for stopping production of the Rocket III, couldn’t meet Euro4 regulations. Think Triumph have moved so far away from the cruiser market that even if they were to revamp the Thunderbird it wouldn’t fit with the old ethos at all, much like the new Rocket 3 vs the Rocket III :anguished:

Other than the Rocket I guess the closest in the current range is the speedmaster, which is a baby cruiser.