Royal Enfield Himalayan 450

A new Himalayan is due imminently. I think it looks good and seems like it will be a big step up.

I’m interested in the Scrambler 400 X next year so will be interested where RE pitch this as it may be an alternative, depending on the price and specs.


That looks very nice……

Reminds me of Skoda!


That’s a good analogy, but hopefully - unlike Skoda - the prices won’t skyrocket.

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My father-in-law had a Skoda back in the 70’s. I have to say he had it for years without any problems. They did have a bad name though and the butt of many jokes.

They were good in the rally scene, rear engine and drive… mainly photographed sideways :joy:

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Rally cars not quite the same as you purchase from the showroom…


Been watching Itchy Boots ride one in the Himalayas. (I follow her channel for the travelling and scenery not the bikes).


Prices have been announced.

‘Kaza Brown’ Himalayan Base, £5,750 (just over £1,000 more than the previous model). The Pass is £5,850. The Summit: £6,050 for Hanle Black, £6,250 for Kamet White.

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The price hike isn’t as bad as I feared, considering that the new version looks like a major step up from the previous one. I wouldn’t have been surprised if it had started at £6500.

I’ll definitely be looking at one of these as well as the Triumph Scrambler 400X next year when they both start appearing in showrooms :+1:

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I’m definitely on the fence with this one, the one I’d want with tubeless wheels is £6,250 plus I don’t find it great to look at. I do like the look of the triumph scrambler.
I just started looking for second hand BMW F700/750GS’s in the £6250 price range and they are there with reasonably low mileage and do all the things that the himalayan would do for me, if not better. Heck the triumph tiger 660 2nd hand prices are getting close to the himalayan.

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I want a bike for exploring green lanes etc (byways) so lighter the better and the big advantage the 400X has over the Himalayan for me is it’s quite a lot lighter, but I’d need to try them both.

I don’t think it’s really fair to compare second hand prices to new, but I also have in mind that for similar money I could get a nearly new KTM 390 Adventure. For me, something like the BMW 750GS would be too heavy and the Tiger 660 is a completely different kind of bike.

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Is anybody else concerned about the trend to remove dedicated brake/rear lights and to use the indicators as dual purpose, like the new himalayan?
I watched that video about a couple of fatal collisions in US between self drive cars and bikes, where it was suggested that the cars computer mistook the bike as a distant car rather than a close bike because of the use of the indicators as lights. As the UK is allowing self drive tests on our roads in 2024 it seems crazy to give these cars an opportunity to misinterpret us.
Of course it shouldn’t be down to motorcycle manufacturers to cater for poor car sw but in the end it’s us that pay the price.

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Interesting point I would never have thought about… :thinking: but not a problem for the bikes I can afford (which is the one I have)