RST Paragon6 Heated Gloves

Bought a pair of these a couple of weeks ago.
I have heated grips, which work well for the palms of my hands. The front of my fingers though, can get cold enough to convince me to head home early, when riding at this time of year.

Went out today for a ride cos it was dry and around 6 degrees C. A good chance for a test ride.
Had them recharged last night, so, on a full charge you get 4 hours, on top setting 60 C. They have 3 settings 60 , 50, 40, degrees C. I was out for 5 hours and started off with nothing heating me.
As the cold started to bite around 1 hour in I started using them. In various settings and combinations with my Grips.

Long story short, I ran them to warm my cold hands rather than keep them warm all the time, I thought this would be more effective for conserving my available power.
The gloves are a very good set, on their own, with out the heating element ( excuse the pun), and so worth around their selling price. Add in the over 200 mile ride, in cold weather, where your hands never get cold, and I call that a successful product.
At one point I switched them on before I got to a possible turning point for my ride, ‘should I head home or stay out,’ and I was just thinking about going home when the heat started building and I realised I wanted to stay out longer.
When I got home one of the gloves was flashing to indicate power running out. 5 hours on, and off use, mostly ( 80% ), on.
Good product at a good price.
The results are fantastic. Its not so much your hands are warm, its more that they arnt cold, which I think is ideal.


Good detailed review :+1:

Thanks for the review; daft question, but do they just feel like normal winter gloves or are they even bulkier? Cold hands are really the main limiter to my riding as I have Raynaud’s - it doesn’t stop me going out, but can limit the length of time I can stay out.

They are heavier to carry, but you dont notice that when you wear them.
Certainly not bulkier than any normal gauntlet style glove.

Heres a pic of my RST winter, and, the RST heated.

The only thing that seems like a down side is they say dont use in ’ torrential rain’.


Can a second battery be used if you want one?

Yes. :slightly_smiling_face: Batteries are interchangeable, Andy.


I want to know, do I store these gloves with the batteries spent or charged?

I always keep them charged and if I don’t use them for a few months top them up.

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Between 30-80% is where batteries are happiest assuming they are lithium.