Running the forum

Well, what a new venture!
Finger’s crossed, all good.
Will this be a subscribers forum or see what happens?
Don’t want to see someone out of pocket is all!

I meant to disable replies in the announcements section. Done that now and moved the messages here. :slight_smile:

I’ll cover the costs for now. I’ve bought the domains (you can already get here using and .net as well as .com, though I’m having some issues with timeouts so I haven’t announced it formally). We’re running on a cloud server with 2CPUs, 2GB RAM and enough storage to see us through for a while. Bandwidth shouldn’t be an issue at this stage and I can add more space when needed. As the site grows the costs will also rise. In the longer term I’ll look at options for funding so the site can sustain itself. Subs will always be optional. I’d prefer to get sponsors than run ads but the forum will need sufficient numbers and traffic to get people interested. Ultimately I’d like to have funds in reserve to cover at least one year ahead at all times, and maybe use any leftover to support some relevant charity.


Early days but I’m liking this format! Will take a while to find my way round and learn the different features. Hopefully it will grow into a great forum :+1:t2:


Thanks, Andy. I appreciate the encouragement. I’m always open to feedback and suggestions., and if you have any specific questions, just ask.

High on the to-do list is to write up a guide/FAQ to help people get started quickly and feel comfortable, and learn about some of the features they may want to play with in time. There are some key differences compared to products like Xenforo (that TTF uses) that make it a slicker experience once you get used to the change, like infinite scrolling of posts (i.e. no pages) and much better handling of graphics via drag/drop etc. I set the limit to 4MB (TTF is 2MB) as well so people wouldn’t hit the limit so easily. That used to drive me nuts sometimes and meant I had to export from Photos first. Now I can just drag straight from Photos to here.

There’s definitely more to come. I’m still learning what can be done the forum software (Discourse) myself, plus some other ideas I’ll announce as and when they come off. Watch this space… :slight_smile:


I agree. Only been on for a few days and already liking the look and feel of the forum :smile:


Cheers, Steve. And if you have any thoughts on how it can be better still, pop them in the suggestion box.

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Will do….