Ruroc display

At the back of the bike warehouse I visited yesterday was a small display stand with Ruroc helmets. The pictures don’t really do them justice, unfortunately. They’re very colourful and shiny. A bit lurid for some but I quite liked them.

They had all sizes out to try on. As we all know, some helmets fit certain heads better than others. The medium Ruroc was a pretty good fit for me. I’ve pretty much always had Arais up to now but I’m due for a change so might go for something a bit differerent.

I have to admit that the Ruroc helmets are absolutely not to my taste - but just as with our bikes, there’s plenty to suit all of us! I think there have been improvements in the new models as they used to get really negative reviews but I have heard that they are very noisy still and that the chinstrap design isn’t great. Having been negative though I have never tried one on whereas you have so if it suits your head and the chinstrap was fine for you then the world of bonkers designs is your oyster :partying_face:.

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We’ve just been discussing, in ‘Biker statistics’, why motorcycling seems to have gone out of fashion with younger people. I’m not sure that helmets like skulls and monster faces are going to give us a cool modern image. I would certainly feel like a prat in one. Good for Halloween parties, though, I suppose.

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Lots of them are quite bonkers but they have some a less mad carbon fibre lids, too.

Ruroc must’ve seen the reviews saying their helmets are noisy as they say they’ve worked on making their Atlas 4.0 range quieter. I haven’t read any reviews of them so I don’t know how much better that actually are. Most of the time I wear custom fitted earplugs so noise isn’t too much of an issue, within reason.

I’m not sure about that. If more younger people rode, and could afford them, I’m sure we’d see more Marvel helmets on the road.

Should clear the way nicely while filtering. :laughing:

Without doubt they are not for me I’m afraid, they just seem too try hard. Probably doesn’t help that the only person I know (through social media) who owns one, and is employed by them, I think is a complete knob jockey :man_shrugging:

That’s not exactly a favourable review. good for safety and not particularly noisy but lots of other design points that spoil the show, it seems.

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I have a 2+ year old Ruroc Atlas 2.0. It’s nice quality and has a great visor system but no internal sun visor option. The downside for me is that it has quite a large shell so I look like a bobble head, even though it’s only a Large :thinking: :crazy_face:

I also had to buy separate plugs for the vent holes in the winter but they may have improved that with the Atlas 4.0.

I would not buy another Ruroc and will probably stick with my trusty Arai as a brand favourite. :grinning: