Rusty ring?

…how do I stop my ABS rings getting surface rust…or don’t worry about it? It all feels a bit close to brake discs for ACF50 or similar?


Hammerite… third in list of home mechanics (Pandora’s?) box of tricks… after WD40 and gaffer tape



But not too thick a coat or you won’t have any abs. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Throw it away…

Jeez, that’s a bit shit. Is it steel? Could whip it off and find a local electroplater, shouldn’t hamper performance if you chrome it…:man_shrugging:

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Yeah, I think it’s a bit pants too!

It didn’t happen before…have washed and fettled a few times, but this time when I washed it, and I did let it stand for a short while before wiping it all down … a couple days later it was like this.

Surely it is made to get wet…?

That is definitely pants. How old is your bike? Irrespective of its age I would take it into your local dealer to see what they say about it. I cannot believe that should rust like that on any bike. Maybe worth a visit :slightly_smiling_face:

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Remove it, clean it, protect it, refit it…


I had much the same on a Ducati, the sensor has to be quite close and I imagine the gap size of the slots might be critical so perhaps limits on what coatings can be used? I was going to suggest just buying a new one, can’t be much, until I checked on Fowler’s. :scream: Crazy price!!
If no joy at dealers nickel plate is probably your best bet. You can also get a black finish if you prefer.

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Thanks all.

What’s thrown me is, why has it ‘suddenly’ happened after many months of riding in the wet cleaning previously etc.

Was fine…until now… :thinking:

Salt probably

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Maybe it’s something in the de-icer they put on the roads that has changed?

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Read somewhere recently that the grit they put on roads is rock salt mixed with molasses to make it stick. (Just googled that to check and found lots of hits, e.g. News: Councils to spread treacle on winter roads to combat ice )

That’s interesting…

Out of interest then, is everyone else riding round with a rusty ring as well then?

I haven’t noticed it on my MV or @Motopulcino’s Ducati. My Street Triple is too old for all that new-fangled ABS stuff.

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My ring looks corroded but it’s not an iron oxide colour, it’s just grey. I ride in winter, have done 46k miles, and don’t put any kind of corrosion protection on bike.

Edit: I assume ABS sensors use the Hall effect and so require a ferromagnet ring, e.g. an iron alloy. From the appearance mine looks galvanised with zinc or something for corrosion protection. Perhaps yours wasn’t galvanised properly, or you scrubbed it too much with an abrasive during cleaning and removed the zinc coating?

Not noticed any rust on my tiger sport and I ride all year round?

No ABS, don’t want it either, but sticky salt doesn’t sound like a great idea to reduce corrosion, also may be harder to hose off with cold water.