Safety Equipment Integrity

Here’s something to keep in the back of your mind. Not sure how old my Richa waterproof is, but several years now. I started to struggle with the arms this year though (had a liner-jacket in) so when I inspected closer, the elbow pads had separated at the bend points and kept turning and over-lapping as I put the jacket on. Fortunately, I have spare pads to replace them… but it made me think, how often do we actually inspect our safety gear for its integrity? I expect the helmet is the most frequently checked, but what about your pads, back protectors etc???


To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever checked the armour in my jacket, but it feels as though it’s still all in the right place (shoulders, elbows etc).

It’s a good point though and I’ll actually do a proper inspection to check that everything is secure :+1:


Yep must admit I don’t check kit other than my helmets. Waterproof kit tells me when it isn’t working cause I get wet, other than this it is pull it on and go.

Well shit :grimacing:

Good call on the armor though! Mine does get checked from time to time when I remove it for washing. Albeit probably only once a year

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I must admit I have never checked the armour in either my jackets or jeans.