Samsung phone shortcut

Don’t know if this is just a feature of my S20 plus or it’s common across other phones too.

With my phone locked, if I quickly double tap the on/off button on the right hand side of my phone it opens up the camera so I can take a pic without unlocking the phone. Saves having to spend time unlocking the phone and potentially missing the shot so could be useful if I need to take a picture quickly.


I think it’s reasonably common on Android.

My Huawei, for example, has an icon on the lock screen I can double tap to wake the camera without unlocking the phone …

You can often set which buttons do what, when as well…

There’s a hidden feature enabled on both my teen-agers’ phones. They don’t believe me though… The feature is called “the world doesn’t end”.

What you do is … I told them …is … You put your phone down. And just leave it don’t even touch it or even look at it. When you do, for anywhere from, like, 15 seconds to maybe even 15 hrs… Nothing happens the world doesn’t end.


You can also use the volume up or down button as the shutter release, handy for one handed operation in a hurry


Bu88er me you’re not wrong there :+1:

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Swipe the side of your hand across the screen and it does a screenshot. :slightly_smiling_face:

Double clicking the on/off button in an iPhone launches Apple Pay on my iPhone. What’s the equivalent on Android for Google Pay?

Sorry can’t help you with that as I’ve got nothing to do with banking on my phone

You can configure the power button in the menu to open any app you want with a double tap. Default is camera, but you could change it to google pay if you wanted. I don’t use it personally, camera works for me.

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You press and hold the button on the side, gives you an option to swipe a slider to the right on the screen. This, magically, turns the phone off.
I keep trying to teach my kids this trick, but somehow, they can’t seem to use the feature.


Not just Samsung, my Nokia is same and that effectively runs stock Android as produced by Google.

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Joking aside, they make turning them off more complicated than it needs to be. Bit like tc on cars. My samsungs default setting for holding the power button was wake up voice assistant. I changed it to power off. They want our phones on all the time.


On the latest IOS (16.2) and earlier (when they moved from fingerprint to face recognition I think) as soon as you touch the screen you get two buttons towards the bottom corners of the screen. One for the flashlight and one for the camera, probably the two most used functions that are needed in a hurry.

Simultaneously pressing the on/off and increase volume buttons will give a screenshot.

I hope this request is taken the way in which it was intended.

When I check in to a venue, I can insert how I feel. ie. Happy, relaxed, optimistic, excited etc. This brings up a face showing the emotion on it.
I was checking in at a music venue on Thursday and all the options had “faces of colour” no problem, except I am not a “person of colour”
Any idea how I can change it to my own skin tone?

This is purely for corectness and not political correctness.

Have a great Christmas everyone.

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On samsung, if you hold an emoji, you can pick any skin colour, default is yellow. I’m not sure this is the same thing your talking about though?

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That only works within Messenger and not on the main Facebook page. Thanks.

Ah ok, I’m not familiar with facebook.