Samsung smart tags - recommended

Hi there all.
Just purchased 2 samsung smart tags (+ model) for the bike and its keys.
Basically, a tracker lite (sic) for samsung phones and it works a treat.
I can tell where the bike/ keys are by the phone screen and make the phone make a noise if its far from me.
£58 for 2 and definitely worthwhile.
I also have one for the crapple on the bike too but i prefer the functionality of the Samsung one tbh.


Interesting. A couple of questions occur :-

  1. Do you know if there is a ‘generic’ Android version or, perhaps, Huawei?

  2. Does it require annual subscrition payments?

  3. I assume it’s not wi-fi based?

Thanks - appreciate any information!

Moved to the ‘Security’ category, for that is it’s purpose. :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure its just a samsung thing as it’s firing up a samsung app when you install it.
Not sure about android sw (and other phone manufacturers) at the moment as still learning.
Definitely no subscription and yes, not wifi.
It works via another phones signal being close to it (hence having a crapple one also on thebike ) so it’ll use that signal to inform me it’s whereabouts.