Shark Evo-ES

I treated myself to a new helmet as my existing Arai is over 10 years old, although it is still in excellent condition and testament to Arai quality, so I’ll continue to use it.

I wanted a modular (flip up) helmet and chose the Shark as it was one of the very few where the chin piece can be folded all the way back to the rear of the helmet so it can be worn as both a full face and open face helmet without having the chin bar stuck up in the air.

The chin bar is easy to move back one handed but closing it again is a two handed job so you’ll need to be stopped before trying to revert back to full face.

The quality seems fine, all the mechanisms work smoothly and it’s nicely finished and it’s comfortable to wear. It also accommodates my specs without a problem. I can’t really comment on how quiet it is as I always wear ear plugs, so all helmets seem quiet to me! It also has an integral drop down sun visor which is quite handy and easy to operate via a slider on the top of the helmet.


Perfect match for your speedy too!

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Nice! That is, without doubt, the best looking, well designed and most practical flip front I’ve seen.

But at £255 (Sportsbikeshop) I’ll need to cash in a few Premium Bonds before I can afford one! Or, better still, get a jackpot win …

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That’s what I thought :grinning:

It was £239.99 from Sportsbikeshop, so quite good value.


Yes a good looking and functional helmet. I looked at this helmet before I bought my LS2, which is very similar but was a lot cheaper.

Compaired to shoei or aria its half price!

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Agreed, but I still prefer my shoei Neotec II although it is a lot more cash than the shark.

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@AndyPandy Think Andy’s got a red one

Nope, I’ve got a red and black Bell but I do have a white Shark Evoline 2 or 3 tucked away somewhere which is about six or seven years old now. I’d only had it about two weeks when a dragonfly or something similarly meaty came through the chin vent, knocking out the vent which I lost on the road. Good job I had my gob shut as my lips etc were covered in green dragonfly guts. I repaired the vent mesh but I always found that the Evoline let in a lot of flies and several wasps.

I’ll look forward to that in the summer :laughing:

It does remind me of the time I was riding along and realised a wasp was walking around the inside of my visor. I quickly opened it up hoping that the airflow would blast him away, but nope the little bugger was determined to hang on. I had to stop and carefully remove the helmet but he must have flown off at that point.

I have no idea how it got there….

You didn’t happen to have the neotec one did you?
I’m looking for a new flip and as the first is sweet, i was thinking of the 2?
Just to see difference between etc!
Thank you for any advice!
I do have an arai full face too btw which was a present for my 50th but I do still prefer the shoei .

I have the neotec 2 @ducatitotriumph and imo it is one of the best shoei’s on the market.

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I did a fair amount of research before settling on a lid and the Shoei Neotec 2 and Schuberth C5 always seem to come out on top, but neither allow you to completely fold away the chin bar and they are also very expensive, more than twice the price of the Shark.

Agreed the shoei is more expensive, but I think it is only one of a few that is legal to ride with the helmet open. Is the shark if this category?

Yes, the Shark is certified for use as both a closed and open helmet.


Looks good and definitely matches your bike :+1:. The only issue I had with my Shark was the drop down visor used to clip the very end of my nose on it’s way down and make me jump a bit, even when I was braced for it :rofl: :rofl:.

Not sure why, this is the most recent photo of me I could find just for reference.

Looks like Tony Robinson…