Shark S900 Dual Special Edition - Matt Black - a review

So I asked for some recommendations for budget friendly helmets a while back and I ended up buying the Shark S900 Dual Special Edition - Matt Black for £129.99 from (who’s service, I must say, has been impeccable again).
I’ve put a moderate amount of miles in with it (though not as many as I would have liked) and here are my impressions… you can read the specs on the website.

The weight seems reasonable.
The build feels moderate, important stuff is ok… like the chin strap and the visor fitting and positioning… but the vent switches and sunvisor feels flimsy.
I had to buy a size up on the size that I measure my head (AGV fit my measured size perfectly)… first try on, it slipped on perfect… good circumferential grip all round without pushing my cheeks up into my eyeballs. No headache inducing tension points around the skull… but weirdly, since settling for it, I always have to do loads of jiggling it about to get my ears to sit comfortably in it… they always have a little pressure on them, so I’m unsure yet on a high mileage day it that may become irritating.
Visor removal is so easy, and a big selling point for me is the pinlock visor comes with the package. Good, clear vision and minimal lense distortion. The sunvisor does, however, distort the visual field a bit… ok for on and off sunny days… but constant sun, I’ll wear my Oakley wires, which fit well in the opening and down the side of my head. There is no obvious channel for the glasses arms, so maybe it’s my sunnies wire arms? (Edit… just tried with my reading glasses and they are fine too, so the Raybans style should be ok too)
The helmet seems well vented (but I never got to wear it on the hottest days… I was on holiday) but the vents make no discernible difference.
Wind noise doesn’t seem overwhelming, but not quiet either… I don’t think I’ve ever had a quiet helmet though.
Visual field is fine, the nose shield doesn’t occlude like I thought it might.
Wattle drape does a good job and is soft and comfortable, but the quick buckle chin strap is still a bit bulky and fussy like they all are (can you tell I like a lower profile double D ring)
I don’t use a comm’s system, and so I can’t comment on that, other than the lining dismantles and the ear spaces have little cushioned pockets for the ear pieces.
It came with stick on reflective panels; I’m not overly vain, so I added them (are they a legal requirement in the EU?) as I’d rather be seen at night. I think they have been designed well enough to not be obtrusive.
The matt finish has cleaned up nicely of bugs and dirt so far, no scuffing or permanent marking.
I think that this feels a good value purchase, it looks like spares are accessible and apart from the weird lug bending issues when putting it on, a comfy, well ventilated noggin crate. The minor niggles I feel are due to the price point and would like to think that paying another £3-400 extra for a top end lid would sort them out.


Ok, update on the lid… What in summer and balmy autumnal evenings seems like reasonable venting, turns out to be a cold, unpleasant facial attack by an unremitting breeze in a cold evening winter ride. The lack of ventilation control adds a degree of frustration to the wind chilled region below my eyes.

Question, do the expensive helmets have better control of facial ventilation? I don’t recall a direct but uncontrollable face blast with other helmets, but I don’t know if I’m skewing my memory? And what about those large visor “adventure” peaked jobbies? What’s the internal draughtyness situation in those beasts?

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Can’t say but I do have a Bell lid, its a brilliant lid but strictly summer only as it seems to have the same issues as in a constant stream of fresh air even with the vents closed… how about a balaclava?


Oh yes please, cup of tea with mine.


For anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure, the aforementioned pastries are baklava. Balaclava/Baklava, get it ?
Turkish/Greek filo pastry/honey/almond very very sweet and yummy yummy in your tummy. :yum: :yum:

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Nice looking helmet. I have always loved Shark but their current range in white helmets is disjointed colour wise. My old Shark RSI prime was fantastic.

I bought an Arai Quantic earlier this year
I don’t use my bike in winter but did use it a couple of times over autumn but mainly summer.
The ventilation system on the Arai is amazing. Every vent can be closed or opened and the vents on the visor also make a difference.
I can see the vents on yours at front and top can be closed. Can you close the one on the rear?
Mine has three settings on the rear.
I always thought my old shark was quiet but the Arai is a lot quieter than old, granted I am comparing very old with new.
One thing I really like is the Pin lock insert as it adjusts to the UV level and automatically gets darker. I don’t particularly like the built in drop down sun visors but this is very subjective so wont dwell on it too much.
I also think the bike needs to be considered. My thruxton R pushes all of the wind into my helmet vs a sportsbike that does a far better job has your bike changed significantly?


I’ve had various styles of bike (RF900r, Legend 900tt and my TDM900 recently). I tended to use AGV helmets as they seemed to suit my head shape. The vent settings in the Shark seem to make no obvious difference to internal air flow. :thinking: and I don’t recall a direct blow onto my cheek bones from any other helmet either… It was only use in icy temps that highlighted the unpleasant nature… it’s fine in warm and cool weather

One thing they are very useful for is putting partially down to block a low sun, but leaving a clear view of the road.


I’m sure you will be very happy indeed with the Shark helmet, I only just clocked the difference in price, so not really sure how relevant my prior comments are apologies.

One thing that was a buying point for me at the time was the latest 22-06 standard prob added to the price. Only 2 helmets had it, but thats another conversation in itself.


Interesting thread… Didn’t really know much about the 22-06 approval, so if nothing else am glad it springboarded me to getting educated.

In general, why can’t, don’t, aren’t, all reviews able to cover the same basic, tabulated format? For helmets that bring, for example

Sharp rating

Finding out and comparing helmets (or jackets, gloves, boots) what’s have you, is a right PITA!!

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