Shin pads?

I normally ride with my biker jeans and ankle length boots. I prefer the lower boots because they are much easier to walk in when off the bike. The jeans are AAA rated and come with knee and hip armour.

Riding along today something whacked me on the right shin - I assume either a very large insect or (more likely) a stone thrown up by a car - either way, it hurt and is still sore several hours later.

This got me thinking - I need some football style shin pads. I had a look on Sportsbikeshop to see if there was a motorcycle equivalent but it didn’t show anything suitable. Anyone know of a suitable product or I may just have to buy a pair of football shin pads and some long socks!?

Most kit is for motocross or mountain bikes, and much of it is based on knee protection. You could try something like this.