Shobdon Airfield

I had a few hours out this morning because I have some days off work - stopped at Shobdon Airfield for a coffee; there are usually plenty of bikes on any day of the week, but the threatening weather (I think) meant I was the only bike there. I actually managed to get out and back before all of the heavy rain that is due, most unlike me, and only caught a very few drops.

A chinook paid a visit too.

On this date last year I was looking forward to / nervous about my CBT the next morning and now I am lucky enough to be riding my Striple :grinning:.


Nice pictures @MrsVisor :slightly_smiling_face:


I cheated and very badly cobbled two of them together to have that budget Top Gun vibe :rofl:.


Did you know that a Chinook is a warm moist wind? Ooer… :grinning:

Its been a while since I seen a chinook, they were a very common sight when I was growing up in the northern Irish countryside.

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10 words needed, but very neat

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I actually did but can confirm standing at the back of one of those is more skin - flayingly hot and they certainly produce quite a breeze :exploding_head:. That one did a running refuel…I waited until it departed before I rode away, I thought that attempting to ride slowly past it on my way out might not be the wisest move on my part :rofl:.


Used to live in a village called Upton Grey in Hampshire next to RAF Odiham, the home base of the Chinooks.
Didn’t have too many ornaments on shelves