Short review 400X after 2600Kms

This is a copy of a post I’ve done in the New member bit, but the I saw this topic and thought it might go better here!
Hi again, and here’s some of my thoughts after 2600Kms.
I’m really enjoying the bike and am totally glad I trusted my instincts and ordered it unseen/untested!
I’ve done a few 200+ Km runs and found it to be comfortable, good seat! Also have done a few runs with groups and had no problems keeping up with more powerful machines, though here on Tenerife with all our blind bends, narrow roads and hills it’s not for testing out the max KPH!
One issue I experienced was that it stalled on me whilst changing down 4 - 3 -2 gears, with clutch in slowing for a junction and second time in the wet when I’d been riding gently, I’m puzzled as to why? Suggestions I’ve read have to do with ECU issues and allegedly there’s an update coming! It is also a bit snatchy at low speeds especially when cold. I wonder if anyone has tried the Fuel X Lite with it and seen any improvements?
As I’m not intending to off road it I will possibly look for more road suited tyres when the time comes to change them, any suggestions?
Overall I’m loving it…

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Good to hear that you’re loving it :blush:

When I test rode a 400X I didn’t notice a snatchy throttle, perhaps that’s specific to your bike? Might be worth getting your dealer to look at it.

The cutting out issue sounds exactly like the occasional issue I have with my Tiger 900, so this one seems to be across a few Triumph models!

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Hi Phil, I have a new Speed 400, and that “ride by wire” throttle is a little bit snatchy on mine too, although I am getting used to it now. Mine did stall on me at a junction on my first ride - I put it down to my clumsy take away in 2nd gear, but I’ll watch out for it happening again.

Have you had the engine management light on? I was away for a couple of weeks and on my first ride after the bike had been sitting in the garage it stayed on for a few miles. Dealer assured me it is a software issue, and it hasn’t been on since, but it gave me an “oh, no” moment… :astonished:

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Hi ajc400, The snatchy throttle is still there after 4800Kms, but I’m definitely more used to it and overall the engine has loosened up nicely, so I’m getting a reasonably smooth ride even at low speeds. In total I’ve had 3 of those cutout moments, the last was with the engine cold about 100metres from home changing down from 3rd to 2nd, restarted immediatly pulling the clutch and pressing the starter whilst freewheeling so no real inconvenience. That was maybe 1500Kms ago. Not had any issues with lights on dash!

I read somewhere that some owners have had that engine management light come on, and there is a software update… don’t know why it wouldn’t be done before I picked it up, but hey ho.

Interesting that the new 400’s are cutting out. I had this with my tiger sport 660, which triumph recalled and updated the software?

I know someone with a Thruxton which had a few also in it’s early days, been behaving fine for the las year or so.

My Tiger 900 had an update at it’s last service and fingers crossed, it hasn’t cut out since.

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Cynical me is wondering if Triumph are mapping bikes (more than one engine type seems affected) to pass emission tests when new. I would guess subsequent remapping is not covered by manufacturers regs?