Show me your slot!

Evening, so, where have you good people located a usb port on your Tiger (2007/12) 1050? For satnav etc…

Any better places than others?

Any pitfalls and practicalities to overcome or consider?

Cheers all!


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Can’t help regarding your 2007/12 specifically, but why not just hard wired to your battery via a Healtech thunderbox or similiar ?

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Has it got a USB under the seat? Thats where I always go. Not the USB itself, splice into the wire before the USB plug because thats a switched 12v feed. The plug steps down the voltage. Failing that there might be an alarm blanking plug on the bike usually in the tail section. One of the jumper wires on that is also a switched 12v.

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Hi Daniel,

I have used several combos but the ones I would personally recommend are Quadlock (attached the battery under the seat and the USB end simply routed under the tank and mounted on the handlebars using a cable tie). The other is a bit more permanent a requires a hole drilled in the fairing (see my Sprint GT 1050 below).

Thlevel Dual USB Charger Socket, Dual 5V/4.2A USB Car Charger Power Outlet with switch for 12V/24V Car, Boats and Marine, Motorcycle, Truck, SUV, UTV (2x USB Socket Blue)


Thanks for your replies…

I was looking at where you have placed the usb, initially, on the bike and I guess in the faring, but did also wonder how to wire it in to a switched live…

I guess one answer is indeed an actual socket that’s switched! Good call!

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If you do go that route, you need to make sure the switch is on the 12V side, not the 5V side, as the latter would mean the 12V-to-5V converter is permanently running (I measured my TomTom mount as draining about 1Ah of battery capacity every week). With my recent apparent weak battery problems, I’m rethinking that and am going to find a switched live on the wiring loom to tap into.

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Ah…that sounds like a good point! :grimacing:

This is what I’ve got coming…

Maybe I’ll just break in to a switched live somewhere and be done!


Good choice :+1:

For what it’s worth, I took mine straight off the battery but I am disciplined enough to not leave things plugged in and turned on. :wink:


Yeah, plus…it is only my desire to fettle and play over Christmas that is driving this…I don’t actually go anywhere that warrants a USB…so chances are it’ll never be “on” anyway!

(although I hear Brownmouse’s warning about the Off being, actually “Off”!)


So, I have all my bits…

I’ll locate a switched live to connect the charging socket to.

However I’ve confuzzled myself …

For the earth … should it go back to the battery (-tve), or just bolt to the frame somewhere…or that’s the same thing!

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Frame should be fine for a usb adapter. :+1: