Silver Fox rideout

Today Helmut and I had a nice day out - I took my Street Triple and he took the Tuono. We did a few roads we rarely go on and went for the first time to the Silver Fox cafe in Newnham, which was really friendly, served a decent cup of coffee and was frequented by plenty of bikes ( must be alright then :wink:). When we arrived, there were a Street Triple and Tuono already there - turned out they were riding together too…Helmut had to take a photo of them lined up two-by-two.

We then went just up the road to Littledean Jail for a look around. It was absolutely bonkers!! There is no way to describe quite what it is like…definitely a place that needs to be seen to be believed.

After that, we went on some roads through the Forest of Dean that the Street Triple was made for, went across to Chepstow and then to the Old Station Cafe, Tintern before heading home on some more excellent roads. The cafe had some sort of wasp convention on, they were everywhere :astonished:. I was really careful (I thought) to make sure I didn’t take any with me when we left, so thought I was being paranoid for about 30 minutes thinking something was crawling around on my head…then I saw one casually strolling across in front of my eyes on the inside of my visor and back into my helmet so hastily stopped and evicted the beastie :grimacing:.

There were a few showers we got caught in but in the main the weather held as well so it was a pretty top day out :+1:.


Thanks Mrs. Visor, that is now on my “to ride to list”

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Wow, that could have been nasty. Incoming wildlife seems to have been a feature of your rides this year. :grimacing:


I know!! :open_mouth: :laughing:.


Dunno why, but I now imagine you like this…

I expect you got a buzz out of posting that, but I hope she isn’t stung by the suggestion…

I’ve got a bee in my bonnet about it, truth be told.

Inspite of being Dutch, I got that… :rofl:


If you can find the nest entrance, wait until dusk and then soak an old rag/towel in petrol and stuff it down the entrance. The fumes will kill all in the nest.

I know this works as I have used it in the passed with great success.


Unless your wasps’ nest is in your roof next to the stove flue, as my last one was, in which case the petrol rag might not be such a good idea…

The post in this thread from StellarDreamer56 has been deleted and the account suspended as this is clearly an attempt at spamming the forum.

If there’s any hint of suspicion in future I’ll be making additional checks before new ‘people’ are allowed to post.