Simply Bearings

I recently replaced the wheel bearings and seals on my 2018 Speedmaster and I found the OEM ones were NSK brand and I could get these for 1/3rd the price from Simply Bearings ( I made two purchases and the free delivery option came next day by 1st class post. :slight_smile:

The same wheel bearings parts are used across most of the range of modern Triumphs so I thought it would be useful to show the OEM part number and link to the exact item I bought. Assuming OEM bearings are standard tolerance sort, not some special ones, then the bearings should be identical items. The seals are of a random brand but same twin-lip construction.

Triumph Part Alternative
Front wheel
T3800702 Bearing NSK-6004DDU
T3600703 Seal 30x42x7mm (1mm deeper than OEM but lots of space on my wheel)
Rear wheel
T3800703 Bearing NSK-6204DDU
T3600701 Seal 28x47x7mm
Sprocket carrier
T3800029 Bearing NSK-6205DDU
T3600073 Seal 35x52x6mm

I use Simply Bearings quite a bit. Really good firm :+1:


I never buy OEM bearings. Just take the old sample to a bearing supplier and get them to match for me. Saves a fortune.