Snow foam newbie

As a newbie to the magic of snow foam…has anyone used "Silverback’’ snow foam?

Can’t say I have but I’ve never noticed any real difference between any brands I’ve tried.

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Thanks…my issue is that there are no dilution ratios on the bottle…

To be clear, I’m using a manual hand pump, not a power washer…

I had “a go” using a roughly 9:1 ratio… 450ml water, 50ml foam.

A dribbly white mess ensued. (I was NOT excited).

Added some more product…and again.

Likely had about 75ml product to a diminishing 450ml water…but on test items the foam ran, not stick.

It could be the ratio. It could be I didn’t provide enough pressure in the pump…

Just looking for advice or the benefit of others experience…

I don’t think the ratios are an exact science. I’ve seen 50/50 stated as a maximum a few times. It’s much more likely to be a pressure/bottle thing. I had 3 different bottles on the same pressure washer and only one of those produces a thick pleasing foam. Also a waxed surface tends to hold the foam better. If the foam runs off easily it can be an indication of needing some protection on the paint. By your description though, I’d say lack of pressure is what your experiencing.

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Thanks…I’ll try more pumping!!

I bought some of the Bilt Hamber stuff recently.

I haven’t used it enough to foam, sorry, form an opinion yet. It is supposed to be good though.

I’ve got a foam lance for the Karcher so can’t speak to the situation with a hand pump. Here’s what’s on the container in case it’s of any use.

That’s really useful @Octoberon thank you!

I did get a reply from the manufacturer…but then I got ever so confused.

They said the dilution ratio is 25:1.

That was perfect…until I started to think about what it meant and then disappeared down a rabbit hole!

So, if the ratio is 25:1… What amounts of what do I need to make a litre of solution!!? :thinking:

Depends on how big your your bucket is. :slight_smile:

1 litre of water and 40 ml detergent.

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