South Gare Breakwater

Todays ride - slightly different from last weeks trip to Bolton Abbey both in terms of temperature - 9 degrees inatead of -2, and the landscape itself.

South Gare is an area of Redcar beach located by the breakwater on the southern side of the mouth of the river Tees. The land here is largely reclaimed using waste from the former steel industry. Now it’s a haven for wildlife and anglers.

There is a small fishing boat harbour and a compound of fishermans huts - but the legacy of the steel industry is still prominent in the landscape.

The old blast firnace was partly demolished by explosives recently with the remains creating a surreal "zombie apocalypse " landscape.


Great photos, I remember the steel works still standing from an occasional visit to Redcar beach when we lived in N Yorks.


-9 deg C :cold_face::cold_face::cold_face:


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Not expected to drop below freezing here. It’s balmy in the North. :grin:

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