Space - The Final Frontier

Since its inception the forum has been growing steadily both in terms of members and the amount of content available. Space on our server is now running low so it’s time to extend the service and set up what will effectively be unlimited storage capacity to future-proof the forum. Our server sits in a data centre in London so, at the same time, access will be reconfigured to ensure reliably fast access for members anywhere in the world, whether they’re in Wolverhampton or Wagga Wagga.

The work to set things up has already begun but over the weekend there will be some downtime while the forum is reconfigured and rebuilt. Any outages will be scheduled for late evening. A notice will go up to confirm times. It’ll also be announced on our twitter account.

All of the work being done is behind the scenes so you won’t actually see any difference when it’s finished.

For those who worry about these things, the forum is fully backed-up so there’s no chance of losing any content. If something isn’t working the change can be backed-out and the forum brought up for use while the problem is investigated.