Speed 400 and Scrambler 400 at Youles

With apologies to those north of the English border, it was perfect riding weather over the weekend. Other commitments meant we only had a few hours to spare on Sunday so we spent them all on a run over to Youles in Manchester to look at the new 400’s that have stopped off there while they’re on tour.

If the picture looks like there’s not much of a fanfare going on around the bikes, that’s because there was no fanfare going on around the bikes. They’d simply been wheeled in, put in a corner and left there with the usual plinth of details and pricing plonked alongside. They had at least wiped off @Dawsy’s fingermarks: :wink:

If it were my dealership I’d have made a weekend of it to draw people in. There were no more than half a dozen people in the place in the time we were there and most of them were looking at the other bikes,

Obviously you can’t ride them, and I didn’t bother asking if they could be fired up as they probably aren’t fuelled while they’re being carted around the dealerships.

I’ve never been a big fan of the grown up Scramblers, mostly just on looks, and the baby one hasn’t changed my mind. Though if you’re a taller rider looking for a smaller bike then it’s probaby the better choice. I’m 5’11" on. good day and it was a nice fit but @Motopulcino found it too tall.

The Speed does feel quite dinky, especially as i’d just hopped off an 848 Streetfighter, which is rather lanky. The Speed 400 brought back memories of my old GP100, such is it’s diminutive stature. It’s not really that small but it would definitely make a great step up from a 125. I’d still like to try one on the road.

Would I buy a Scrambler 400? No, it’s not for me. How about a Speed 400? Maybe, just for fun. If I had a spare £4,995k burning a hole in my pocket. I need a Tiger before that.

There are tons of pictures of the 400s out there so, for a change, I took a bit of video that I’ll upload in the next day or so. In the meantime, here are some other treats from Youles.


I resemble that remark! :smile:
I was surprised too at the complete lack of fuss made about them in Shipley. The guy had brought them from York, wheeled them outside for a couple of photos then wheeled them back in. No big show around them at all.


Obviously low sales commission on them…

Yep same lack of people and interest at woburn. Although one other person did take an interest when we were looking.
Any mention of centre stand as an option?

Forgot to ask about centre stands. The chap hovering about seemed a bit useless in any case.

No problem, I’m 99.9% sure it can’t be fitted with one anyway.

Thanks for sharing :+1:

I actually quite like the Scrambler version for the price and just for fun. However, I may feel different when I see one of them in the flesh of course :thinking:

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I liked the Scrambler better when I saw them. Wether that was the colour, mmm not sure.

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It’s what we do. :slightly_smiling_face:

I can feel a poll coming on.

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@Octoberon take it you found the whole trip disappointing in a kind of way?

No, I like the Speed 400 and it was interesting to see what it’s like up close and personal. No ice cream though.