Speed triple mirrors /crystal white flyscreen

Searching for original mirrors and crystal white fairing for a 2019s, cheers Peter

Hi there peter.
I’ll keep a look out on ebay for you. Is the the front bit you are after or the tank bit too??

Bit pricey though I think.

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Hi, good morning, it’s only the front fairing, thanks I appreciate your help…

Original mirrors have been sourced along with the spacers and bar end finishers, only the fairing to try and pick up, the search continues :slight_smile:


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Hi there.
I did find a possible ebay item for you but @Octoberon moved it to a separate thread where you probably wouldn’t see it. Why??? who can tell…
I deleted the post but ebay item 225480689353.

I give up…

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The for sale and wanted sections are for members to buy and sell, otherwise it becomes a route for advertising on behalf of world+dog. I may have missed the point about why you had that post on for Pedro though.

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Cheers Simon I appreciate your help, I’ve messaged the seller on ebay so I will wait and see what they say… Thanks again, Peter