Speed triple rs running on two?

Had a nightmare yesterday with the bike…
Synopsis is: went to fill up with fuel, came out of the garage, stalled 2 times and the bike was clearly running on two cylinders . Fine for the last 3.5 years.
Thought it may clear but definitely not so decided to not do the ride out and return home.
No errors on the display btw.
Got hose out, cooled down the exhausts and then fired it up. Cylinder 3 clearly WAY colder so a starting point. It would “surge” though and sound like it was ok for a split second.
Unplugged the injector lead for that cylinder (easily accessible ) and error on the display, but still the same sound. So, injector working as it knew it was wrong/disconnected…
Tilted up the tank, removed the battery and removed the air-box and it’s various sensors etc so I could get to the plugs and coil (2 hrs as never done before)
Removed plug and coil from 3 and pretty bad rust and not a great colour on the coil contact tbh. Measured continuity on all 3 coils and seemed the same but all 3 plugs seemed to be quite corroded at the top imho.
Cleaned up all spark plugs, cleaned up the coil plugs bit and put back together (gap seemed fine but I’ve ordered 3 new plugs, £10 each on amazon) and tested, Fired up fine and has been brilliant on the ride out today.
Basically, I don’t think that the coils were fully seated into/onto the sparkplugs from the factory and water had gotten in and they definitely seated better with a decent push. I’ll replace the plugs with new on Saturday as it’s only a 3 hr job all in. (as I now know…)
Stupidly (?) i switched on the bike with all sensors and injectors unplugged and errors were bizarre to say the least (IMU failure, cruise failure, tsa failure, injector failure and more before I’d disassembled the bike fully.
Seriously , get TUNEECU as i’d get rid of the whole lot as it wouldn’t then start until I could clear them. Worth every penny tbh.
Bike is immaculate and rarely ridden/gotten wet so this wasn’t an expected issue tbh.


I do wonder about the care and attention the goes on in the Thai or Indian factory… my newest Street Triple, I fitted any options myself. The heated grips are tank off to get to the connector. When fitting I found a metal clip that held the ecu to the airbox. The ecu was just hanging freely and unsecured.

Did you tell Triumph? I’m sure they’d be interested in reports about the quality control in their remote sites.


Plugs aren’t due to be changed as only on 10.5k but its a valve’s check at 12 so i was going to ask them to be changed at that time, even though they are not due.
Sad thing is, I’d know its been done properly if i do it myself tbh.


Years ago l took my ZZR1200 for a service. Among other things l discovered, ultimately, was one spark plug running in an oil bath. They’d not seated the valve cover seals properly. Not taken a bike to dealer since :confused:

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At the risk of posting an oil type question…here goes, i change oil on my T100 every 3,000 miles, i get mine at M&P Swansea, Castrol power race as recommended. With every 4 litre tub i get a free hiflo filter, im building up a collection of these but I’ve stuck to Triumph filters, i know Triumph dont make these but I’ve had no issues. I’ve used Hiflos in other bikes, anyone know of any issues with hiflos in use with bonnevilles?

HiFlo had some serious, well documented problems with the screw on filters that had a welded nut on the ‘top’ of the can. These welds were prone to splitting promoting a ‘total loss’ oil system where one was not really wanted!! :grimacing:

I gather this was limited to either one (big) batch; one country of manufacture, or one third party supplier - perm any one or two from the three.

It did, I think, result in HiFlo re-calling all the existing filters of that type/design and releasing statements to the effect that it was a limited scope issue/problem (not every one of that type of filter failed - obviously!) but, by then, a significant amount of reputational damage was done.

I think some Triumph canister filters were made by HiFlo - but I wouldn’t want to be quoted on that. I’d use HiFlo but not as a first choice and NEVER if it had the welded nut!

YMMV, caveat emptor, etc., etc.

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I thought nut splitting fiasco was K & N.
Used Hiflo in my 865 SE, one on it right now. No problems, l wouldn’t hesitate to use them :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah its not the type with the nut on, ive used a load of these too, just never on my own bike. I do know about the K&N splitting issue, i think a fair few filters are “brewed on licence”, I’ll use them then, otherwise they’ll just sit on the shelf gathering dust.