Speed Triples

How about pics, tips and stuff you like, don’t like or recommend?
Sw motech have never disappointed with anything I’ve bought and always well made etc.


The progenitor - the grand-daddy of Speed Triples.

Big, tall, top heavy and quite difficult to manoeuvre in original form with narrow clip-ons and a big fuel tank but worth the effort when out on the open road and making that delicious growling noise emphasised by the carbon cans.

The black one is a US import (no lights switch) and has a very unusual and, I suspect, very rare top yoke made by Lucas from what looks like CNC milled billet alloy. The yoke allows conversion to conventional, tubed handlebars which cerainly improves comfort on a longer ride, especially as the front footpegs have been lowered slightly, too.


Great photo @AdieP :+1:
I’ve kept several Triumph brochures from the 90’s when I first got into Hinckley Triumphs, so many classic photos, but I think this one is still my favourite…


Thank you @Col_C .

I, too, was a very ‘early adopter’ and, having seen the launch preview models at a show in (I think 1991), I got my first Hinckley bike - a brand new 900 Trident in BRG - in early '92. A minor spill in the first few months caused me to trade it immediately for another exactly the same, which led to a most bizarre incident … but, I think that might be a tale for another time!

I still have that Trident and would never willingly part with it or, indeed, with [almost] any of the seven T300s I own! I think I also have a copy of that brochure from the time, too, along with a few others. It’s been said that if I were cut in half I would read “TRIUMPH” all the way through!


The three Speed Triples I have owned
Still have the Maroon with black stripe


Lovely looking bikes sir!

Its the nicest one too!

A fine bunch of bikes. Welcome to the forum!

Top notch! :wink:

Welcome in Steve.
You kept the best. :+1:
Lovely colour, I often have this one up as my desktop wallpaper…