Spitfire catalyst

Anybody got one of these in their petrol tank?

Screenshot 2023-07-31 164540

All the rage back in the 70’s/80’s, I believe they worked. No idea whether E10 will work with them?

Never seen the like. What are them?

2 balls in a bag by the look of it :thinking::joy:

I can see why you would think that!

I found them in a T140 tank a while back and remembered them for sale years ago.
I saw them for sale again at the Bath and West Autojumble this year.


This will allow any engine designed to run on leaded petrol to run safely on normal pump unleaded 95 octane fuel.

The fuel catalyst has the desired effect of raising the octane lubricating the engine and burning at a slightly lower burn temperature.

There is no need to use a liquid additive or to retard the ignition timing or to fit hardened valve seats

The fuel catalyst is a tin amalgam and follows very closely to the original Royal Air Force receipe which was developed to combat poor quality and low octane fuel.

This product is not unique to us, there are a few companies producing a similar product but we hope you will be impressed with our honesty about this product.

It simply is placed into the petrol tank of any car or motor cycle and then only 95 unleaded fuel needs to be used.

Lead was put into petrol in 1936 to stop the KNOCK this product was developed in 1941 for the Royal Air Force.

Still for sale - along with other fantastic products such as the amazing “Fuel Diamond”


I remember something similar, they looked like brillo pads but ball shaped, think they were made of zinc mixed with lead? Or summat?

Hence the Spitfire name.
And my assumption it probably actually does something, I doubt they would waste metal resources in the war?
Never tried it myself though, remember the salesmen flogging it at car shows back in my Capri club days. :grimacing:
(Along with Mer polish - still using that)

That brings back memories! Those blue containers were a familiar sight.

Same. I still haven’t got through a bottle that I bought years ago.

I’ve no idea about the polish…

… but the balls in a net, the fuel diamonds and all that other snake oil stuff is exactly that - snake oil.
Don’t buy them :snake: :oil_drum:

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Pfft! Next you’ll be telling us that stripes on your car don’t make it go faster.

Black bottles now, I’m sure it’s not as good now, probably health and safety changes to the formula. :roll_eyes:

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Seems like a simple way to remove ethanol Jonathan Kerins on Instagram: "Ireland has recently changed to petrol with 10% ethanol which isnt kind to the rubber in old bikes.Cant find anywhere near me that sells ethanol free fuel so decided to make my own. #honda #grey400 #vfr400 #nc30 #hrc #motorbike #motorcyclerestoration #shedbuilt #hondabros #bikeproject #irishbikers #builtnotbought #rothmanshonda #hondamotorcycles #bikelife #hondahawk #motolife #instamoto #explore #ireland #machining #lathe #classicbike #e10 #ethanol"

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You could ask these guys for some of theirs and you would get a free pass around the stop oil clan

A 54 litre drum of 80% renewable sourced fuel is £259.95 (£4.81 per litre)

A 194 litre drum of 33% renewable sourced fuel is £785.95 (£4.05 per litre)

Only available at a couple of locations as yet but well worth considering if all you do is, as he says - “race round and round for fun”

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