Sport Tourers Are Back

I’ve already commented elsewhere on this forum that Triumph are missing a golden opportunity by not creating a sport tourer based on the 1200 Speed Triple…

Another new contender…

If Guzzi had a dealer down my way I’d be booking a test ride, first new bike to gain my interest in quite a while.


For those of us on a constrained budget the sports tourer never went away :smile: selling my Sprint was the wrong thing to do, but needs must when the devil drives. Guzzi looks ok, piddly looking panniers mind. :grin::wink:

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Yes, agreed on the panniers (unless their looks are deceptive), my '08 SprintST also had too small panniers. My recently bought B#W S1000XR only just passes the “will it take a full face helmet” test in both sides (plus 2 in the top box - just).
Nice to see the Guzzi has a sensible seat height, and looks comfy too. Plus shaft drive.
Come on Triumph, show us what you can do, not everyone wants an “Adventure” bike.

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Its just parts availability and dealer numbers that bother me about smaller manufacturers.
Probably wrong of course.
Sweet bike.

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A fair point. I do like Moto Guzzi though, from way back. It wouldn’t stop me buying one, if l’m honest. I passed a Le Mans a while back, couldn’t get over how small it looked :slightly_smiling_face:

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It shouldn’t, but dealer accessibility (& bike reliability) is a significant factor in my choice of motorcycle. I had a Multistrada and the too frequent 3hr round trip from deepest Cornwall to my nearest dealer in Plymouth was a nightmare.
BMW having opened a dealer a few years ago in Falmouth just 20 mins away has much to do with my recent purchase.

Must admit I’m very interested in this.
Definatly going to have a test ride in the spring


Not sure sports tourer’s have ever gone out of fashion. There are still many from manufacturers on the road and loved by their owners.

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Suzuki do one based on the gsx-s1000, looks decent too. I think its a pretty recent model and good value.

Is that the GT+ ???

Weird front end on that; taken a half decent looking bike and squished its eyes into its hooter… makes it look like a modern scooter from head on.

But I bet it does a cracking job!

Aye thats the one, I quite like the front