Sprint GT chain adjustment

Just about to go and figure this out. Not sure what the process is for the Sprint. Any thoughts, ideas of advice?

Edit: Found a useful video.

It seems I need a C spanner and don’t have one to fit, so I’m looking at this one on Amazon. Does anyone know if the same tool fits all years? The ad doesn’t make a distinction between the ST and GT, either. Are they the same?

After all this I may need a new chain, which will be another set of posts. The one on there now is suspiciously slack.

I’ve had 3 Triumphs with single side swingarms. I only ever used a hammer and punch, gently…

I bought mine off Ebay and looks bigger than the one in your link. But if it is wrong you can send it back.

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One of the Youtube comments said the same thing. Was that you? :wink: I think I might try that option before forking out for a specific tool.

The chap at my local shop just (carefully) used a drift to adjust when fitting my new chain.

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First off, fingers crossed the eccentric hub is not seized, if it is, back to the dealer for a warranty fix. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:
Second, you should have a tool kit something like this…

The 2-part Triumph supplied c-spanner is fairly naff but can do the job.

I bought a long handled c-spanner, seemed a good idea at the time but actually makes it a bit tricky using it without marking the wheel rim. A bend in the handle would solve the issue, but then I’d need a second one bent the other way for using in the other direction. :roll_eyes:

But seeing the bike’s new to you dare I suggest you make a “proper job” of it and strip the hub down for greasing to avoid the common issue of a seize in the future. If you decide to do that you’ll need a stout pair of circlip pliers for the mother of all circlips that retains the hub. (And ideally a new nut for re-staking)

(photos are from my Speed3, but won’t be too much different)


’ Bowl of Mice ’ does an excellent tutorial on stripping the hubs on these.
Col_C is spot on, I have the red handled c-spanner he pictured, I liked it very much.
Worked for my GT and Speed.
You can have it if you send me you address mate.
The actual task is very straight forward ( when the hub is serviced). Undo clamp bolt c -spanner one way to tighten flip to slacken do up clamp bolt.
Triumph like you to, measure on side stand, then its easier to adjust on centre /abba/ paddock stand, so that can be back and forward till you get your eye in.


I bought one of those C spanners and like you say, it’s a bit too long. Not often I say that!
It’s difficult to get on the hub as the spanner end catches the outer edge of the tyre, so I cut mine down to same size as the two-piece kit one.
As threespeed mentioned, it can be trial and error until you get used to it.

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I’m not sure if it’s still under warranty. I didn’t get the toolkit with the bike, unfortunately. Unless it’s secreted somewhere other then under the seat.

I am usually of the opinion that any job is an opportunity to make a ‘proper job’ of it. Being an older bike it may be better to be safe than sorry. I haven’t got a decent pair of circlip pliers so I’ll add them to the toolbox and buy a fresh nut.

I’ll have a dig around in the garage tomorrow as I thought I had a c-spanner somewhere. If not, or it doesn’t fit, I’ll give you a shout - thanks! I’ll also watch that video later and make sure i know what I’m doing before taking anything apart.

all was said. C spanner in the toolbox (you don’t have?).
Otherwise like Paul says you can gently push one side or the other one with a flat rod and a hammer.
And the advise is to make it move time to time to avoid it to seize.


I just had a proper read through the Sprint ST hub removal page on the Bowl Of Mice website. It seems pretty straightforward though I’m sure I’ll encounter a few fun moments along the way. There’s no circlip on my hub so maybe there are some other small differences but it must work pretty much the same way.

It occurs to me that a workshop manual for the bike might come in handy as well. I’ll see if I can track one down. Time to write a shopping list…

I found a C-spanner in the garage. Not sure where it came from - possibly my VFR800 when I had that. Haven’t tried to use it yet. Do they come in specific sizes, like regular spanners?

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They do - I’ve got several, only one fits the Speedy’s hub.

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Hi Saul I have a sprint st workshop manual you can have. PM me with your address and I will put it in the post for you.


Thanks, Steve.Most kind! :slight_smile:

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Not so bad a bloke, our Steve… :grinning:


Our paths have crossed a few times now and I would have to agree. :smile:

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You are both very kind. :slightly_smiling_face:

Back to business, the said manual is in the post.

I can confirm that I am following in the steps of @smilinjack who posted it to me a couple of years ago.


Also a very nice chap and missed around these parts. I was just thinking about him the other day. in fact.

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Steve and I rode some great routes in the Pyrenees supplied by Alan. Nice chap indeed.


Agreed, I did speak to him a little while ago and he is ok.