Stafford Classic Bike Show 2022

This weekend is the Stafford Classic Bike Show. It’s over two days and although I’ve never been, I have heard good things about it.

The weather looks favourable for October (no rain, maybe a bit of sunshine and highs of 14 Celcius, allegedly).

Saturday 15th October


Sunday 16th October



we will be there on the Saturday

After saying “I must go…” for years we finally pulled up at the Stafford County Showground this year for the October Classic Bike Show. I haven’t got anything to compare it with from the past but there seemed to quite a lot going on. Worth the trip on a sunny, autumn day. It’s a nice alternative, or compliment, to Motorcycle Live, which is all about the new machines.

In addition to the bikes and gazebos the crowd was entertained by a wall of death, a freestyle motocross display (@Motopulcino had never seen someone do a backflip on a bike before. I can’t do justice to her exclamation here. :laughing:), and greek kebabs from a van for £12 a pop. Alright, that last one was slightly less entertaining.

I’m no expert on the old machinery so I can’t comment much on them. ‘I don’t know much about classic bikes, but I know what I like’, as it were. :grin:

Everywhere you looked there was something rare and interesting.

Not all the bikes were in one piece…

And possibly not in full running order. Bonus points for identifying those engines.

Not a 10mm socket in sight.

There were plenty of Triumphs on show. Every time I see a Thunderbird I’m reminded of how good they look. I particularly like this colour.

Having wandered past a few dozon ‘ordinary’ bikes, we arrived where they had all the race machines.

I believe Mr McWilliams won the German 250GP on this a few years ago.

Owners of the racing bikes were starting them up for our listening pleasure. A paddock had been set up for more formal viewing, with interviews and chat about the bikes. Of course, each was also spun in to life, some with a nostalgic cloud of two-stroke.

I’ve got a bit of video that I’ll upload to the forum Youtube channel.

In the main building was a lovely collection of pampered, gleaming motorcycles vying for rosettes or up for auction. You can keep Crufts, this is much better.

I’d very much like one of these in my garage, even more then a 916.

Something for those who think radiators only belong on cars.

And something for those who remember.

More shiny bikes in another building.

I’m saying nothing…

John Kocinski was at the show, although we missed him. I believe this may be his Castrol World Superbike. ride. Either way, it was loud!

And finally, the design probably isn’t to everone’s taste but I’m sure it’s a message we can all agree on. :grin:


Great write-up and pictures, thanks :slight_smile:

Agreed great summary of your day. :slightly_smiling_face:

Cheers fella… good report

Forgot about this thread, very good @Octoberon lots of nice detailed pics…

So I’ve some more random ones to add from the same place…….


The more the merrier. :slight_smile: Were you tempted by that BP petrol pump wine cooler. @Motopulcino wants one for the kitchen. :thinking:

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