Street Triple 675 fuel hose fitting

I’ve discovered the problem with the fuel. The pipe has come loose. Is there some trick or tool required to refit it securely?

I’d think about replacing them now?
I’d always be on edge that it’d do it again?

I discovered a loose one before but I think it was down to the orange clip not being in the correct position. I just pushed it back up snugly and pressed the orange clip back in and it was fine. That was a fairly new bike. I don’t know if they wear over time. You could always reinstall, give it a pull to make sure it stays on then tape up the clip to ensure it doesn’t come loose again.

So it should slide on and lock with the clip. Seems simple enough. It doesn’t look worn but I’ll make sure it stays on or buy a new one.

Yep… they go on quite easily

It did. Seems to be on solidly enough.

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You should hear a bit of a click as the connector internal latches pass over the rib on the stub. The red outer cover doesn’t really do very much other than cover the two square buttons you have to push to unlatch the connector. Personally I’ve always found it really difficult to push in the buttons both sides to get it unlatched! :rage:
If the connector is correctly installed there will be a small amount of axial movement, you can push it a little further on and then pull it back until it hits the stub collar (which is where it will sit under pressure).
Don’t be too rough you don’t want to be breaking that stub.

I believe there’s a special tool you can buy to press those little buttons on each side. I wasn’t too rough with the clip and it seems to be on there ok.

Fuel line pliers :wink: I bought one when I did my last service as I couldn’t get hose disconnected. They’re crap quality but did the job.


I changed my in tank fuel filter a couple of months ago, getting the connector back together was awkward as buggery especially with the limited space.

I find that if I soften the ends of my fuel lines with my zippo… it’ll fit most fastenings!


Blowtorch is quicker…

Glad you got it sorted Saul :slightly_smiling_face: