Street Triple 765rs Squeal

Well here was an odd one, I removed the rear wheel on my 20 STRS very recently, after re fitting said wheel and torqueing up the spindle nut (110nm), upon wheeling the machine backwards it was squealing really badly, having removed and replaced front/rear wheels on a plethora of machines more times than I care to remember, so up on a stand it went, I knew all was put back as it should be, everything appeared spot on, re checked torque using a different make T wrench (Facom) as Snap On was what I used originally, setting spot on, the damn thing still squealed, another look (start with most obvious is my mantra), anyway I could see some very fine superficial marks on the ABS ring, I removed the pick up and spun up the rear wheel and low and behold no noise, pick up inspected no damage or sign of wear so back in it went, spin up rear wheel no noise, well what transpired was fitting the rear wheel Evotech protectors, if these where hand tightened (it turned out to be 20nm) this was enough to pull in the swing arm very marginally but enough to make contact with the said pick up that caused the squealing, tightening the protectors to 10nm solved the issue.