Street Twin rideout

When the winter weather first relented here in late April, I dug the Street Twin out of the garage and took it for its first run of the season. To my dismay, it had developed a nasty misfire at low revs, cutting out on a closed throttle. I thought it might be stale petrol and filled it up with fresh, but it still misfired. I decided to change the plugs, so ordered some online.

When they arrived, I realised they were skinny modern things which none of my plug spanners would fit, so back online to order a new plug spanner. Anyway, I eventually got to fit the new plugs, and took the bike out this afternoon. To my massive relief, it ran perfectly, so it was indeed the old plugs that were the culprit. Just why plugs which were working fine last October should have gone off over the winter is anybody’s guess, although to be fair the bike has done nearly 8,000 miles now, so I suppose they were due for renewal.

Anyway, I had a brilliant ride. The weather was perfect, the engine was pulling smoothly and strongly, the Conti Road Attacks were sticking to the tarmac like s**t to a blanket, the bike felt lively and agile, and I had a permanent silly grin on my face. It was too late in the day to go far away, but I covered a fair bit of Galloway, just taking random roads which took my fancy. I can’t wait to get out again now that the bike is back on form. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Sounds like a big relief and a great ride out! Jealous!

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Yes, I was afraid I was going to have to get a clever person with a laptop to diagnose some electronic malady, but an old school solution like changing the plugs has always got to be worth trying first!