Street twin throttle

I have a 2018 Street twin and the throttle has a very strong action ie has a stiff action and really snaps back when released,holding it open for any length of time makes my wrist ache.Is this normal ? if not can it be improved somehow ? cheers OApete,UK

Pete, my 2019 model also has a fairly strong spring action, so it’s probably normal, though I can’t say that it has bothered me. However, I do note that the standard rubber grips (in my case, the Triumph heated ones) are rather smooth and need to be gripped fairly firmly. I wonder if you might get some benefit from fitting more textured grips, which would probably be easier to hold open.

Hi Dave,thanks for the response.They are original heated grips so not a simple change unfortunately.I have good strong hands /wrists, i have had lots of bikes but never had the issue previously.Perhaps someone may have a tip or two ? Cannot see why a fly by wire throttle should be this way ? Cheers.

I agree. On my other two bikes, which have carburettors, it’s all down to the strength of the throttle slide springs and the amount of friction in the cables. With fly by wire, I’ve no idea where the resistance to movement comes from. Electrical, I suppose. Does anybody know?

My Speedmaster has a little spring in the twist grip. But is Street Twin ride-by-wire?

Yes, it is, Mr Google says so.