Stroud Motorcycle Company closing down

Stroud Motorcycle Company has chosen to close its doors at the end of the year due to health issues. Its run by two people Tim (who runs the shop) and Mike (who runs the workshop)
There are many bargains on offer and it includes much of the workshop equipment. Mike will be disposing of an electric bike lift and a 30tonne floor standing press. In the shop, Tim in the shop is selling off Richa clothing and some BMW waterproofs. There are also boots and gloves and many other items with large discounts.
Mike is a BMW technician who also may be selling many BMW special tools.
Contact can be made at: Stroud Motorcycle Company Ltd
Unit 10 Stroud Enterprise Centre
Bath Road
Tel‭ 01453 297170


Sad to see local workshops closing down. If the trend continues we will be left with only stealer dealers.