Successful engagement on Edinburgh motorcycle theft at Holyrood Roundtable

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Successful engagement on Edinburgh motorcycle theft at Holyrood Roundtable

Representatives of the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) attended a Holyrood
Roundtable meeting on motorcycle theft. The roundtable meeting,
arranged by MSP Daniel Johnson, was attended by MAG, Police Scotland,
the City of Edinburgh Council, local business owners, and cross-party MSPs.

Following the extended epidemic of motorcycle theft and related
criminality in Edinburgh, MAG members engaged with Daniel Johnson MSP
and others calling for greater action on the issue. Police Scotland
responded with Operation Soteria. Enforcement activities between June
and September resulted in 36 arrests, 185 charges for a variety of
offences, and the recovery of 131 motorcycles, with a total value in
excess of £600,000.

Daniel Johnson MSP, commented:

“Motorcycle theft and motorcycle-enabled crime is a growing problem in
our capital city. It’s crucial that we treat this issue seriously and
put a coordinated system in place that helps tackle it. I hope that
today’s roundtable discussion, with representatives from the Motorcycle
Action Group, Police Scotland, Edinburgh Council and local businesses,
was the first step to ensuring motorcyclists who live in Edinburgh, but
also travel to and through Edinburgh, feel confident that their
motorcycles are secure in our city. I look forward to working with
different groups on this issue and helping to facilitate a targeted
solution that works in the long-term.”

The discussion covered a broad range of topics. Following the meeting
Cllr Scott Arthur, Convener of the Transport and Environment Committee
at The City of Edinburgh Council, Tweeted:

“Many thanks to @djohnsonmsp for hosting a meeting on motorcycle thefts
in Edinburgh. I was quite shocked to hear details of some quite brazen
thefts of motorcycles in Edinburgh.

This has had a huge impact on Edinburgh’s biker community. Given the
seriousness of the situation, I was happy to give The @MAGUKCentral an
assurance that I would request a review of secure motorcycle parking in

Local MAG member, Olly Bassi, was instrumental in the engagement that
led to the roundtable meeting. He commented:

“We as a biking community are extremely pleased to have the opportunity
to help reduce the numbers of riders experiencing the heartache and
financial pain of being a victim of theft. The increasing reports of
violent robberies and bike jackings in the city have been of particular
concern, and we want to prevent further riders being injured or worse.
There is a feeling that changes to police pursuit policy and new
guidelines from the Scottish Sentencing Council have contributed to this
situation, so we hope for changes in these areas.”

MAG’s Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement, Colin Brown, said:

“I was pleased to take part in this important meeting. There was much
ground covered and some tangible action points coming from the meeting.
We know the issue will not be solved easily, but I am glad to report
that the need is recognised and the will to get results is there.”

MAG will be engaging further with the various stakeholders, seeking
solutions and ensuring that action points are seen through to completion.

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