Superbike Factory - Bradford

Saturday was the opening day for another Superbike Factory outlet, this time in Bradford. I’m not in the market for another bike at the moment but it’s not too far from us so we thought we’d go and have a look at their bikes and what the general feel of the place was like.

The amount of floor space is a litlle deceptive as it’s split in to different areat and over two floors. The picture above shows about half, maybe a little more, of the main ground floor as you walk in. They put the manufactureres together for the most part. There’s definitely a sense of 'pile 'em high , sell ‘em cheap’. Most bikes looked in reasonable condition. Nothing too tatty. They’re not polished up for the showroom and some older bikes showed some wear on the headstock, for example, where keys have been rattling there for mile after mile. Gnerally though most bikes are clean.

There were quite a few Triumphs in stock…

I believe they’ll start the bikes so you can hear them running. We didn’t ask about test rides and I don’t know what their policy is on that. Each floor has a number of desks and computer for salemen to close their deals. Most were unoccupied during our visit int he afternoon. There’s also a small area with some clothing and products. Nothing that will worry J&S, mind. The staff were friendly and didn’t try to sell us anything, possibly because it’s just the first day and sales targets aren’t looming yet.

Overall there’s plenty to tempt the punters. Some very low-mileage examples and other’s well-ridden. We spotted bikes from 600 to 50k miles. I don’t know enough about the market to say whether any of the prices were particularly good deals.

If you want to see a large range in one place, even if it’s just wiindow shopping, and are in Bradford (for your sins) it’s worth popping in. You’ve missed the spinning wheel competition though. :slight_smile:


I do enjoy wandering around bike sales shops. We have a Superbike Factory show room near me at Macclesfield, which is worth a look in on if you are in the area.

Same - it’s the only wondow-shopping I really like. We’ll probably be in Manchester next Saturday to pick up Rachel’s bike from Ducati. Might take a look at the Macclesfield outlet and see how it compares as we’re over that side.

The one in Macclesfield is very much don’t touch and no test rides.

That doesn’t sound like much fun. Bradford seemed happy to let people sit on the bikes. One lady in the store had a small capacity Kawasaki running while she chatted to the salesman.

And if you do go out to this shop be sure to drop in at an old mate of mines new venture, AKA Automotive. It’s run by Craig Atkinson an ex Manx Gp racer and all around good guy.
Now he has some amazing bikes in stock. From an ex TT winning Race bike that’s still got the flies on it, through to some immaculate Ducati’s , MV’s and a few Triumphs. Great guy is Craig.
Tell him Mike sent you…
AKA Automotive
Otley Rd.
BD17 7DU


Didn’t know about that place but I’ll definitely check it out.

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