Supercharged Triumph 750 drag bike


Not sure there’s much or anything that’s original triumph in there, bit like HMS Victory.

Function over form… I like it


Brilliant. No oil to the exposed rockers and valve springs, no pushrod tubes. Fuel injected on a charger driven by the crank. Ace work.
I’d bin the original Invaders (assuming they are original) as I wouldn’t trust them with the 650 powerplant let alone that one.

Pretty sure the photo above of the broken Tractor isn’t an invader wheel but you get the idea.

Here’s a quote direct from Chop Cult:
“it should be common knowledge that these wheels have being death wheels since the 60"s but cool as hell”

I love it :sunglasses:


Simplicity at its best, love it

It does nothing for me :rage:. Fugly looking thing.

Does it come with panniers ?

More money than sense :joy:

Here’s Jared with his 1956 Triumph build. He does most from inside his garage with a bit of help from his friends.

It’s been started on the rollers but I haven’t seen it run down a strip as yet. Have a look down his playlists he’s built some really nice pre units.

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The bike looks like something from a 1820’s sci-fi movie.

Although I’m not a great lover of grey paint.
(Those grey houses and kitchens will soon be the new avacado bathroom suites from the 70s).
The paint got a bit knocked about by a loose ratchet strap in the trailer. Here’s the damage and the fix by Milk Bone (eh?) the painter who is the only one who has this custom mixed grey (eh, again?).

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If a motorcycle needs external help to start it or can’t run on high street petrol, it’s not really a motorcycle anymore is it!
That’s not something you could commute to work on.

No, LOL, not a commuter :slightly_smiling_face: