Superquadro Mono

Ducati have made something for all those people who say more than one cylinder is unecessary decadence. Not sure what they’ll make of the water-cooling, though. Probably not going to sound like an old BSA, either…

What cc is it? It looks horrible. The old phrase ‘Bits Stuck Anywhere’ springs to mind.

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very interesting, Hi rev 660 cc engine. Character + light + power. Can be really fun!

It’s funny how Ducati put so much emphasis on the visual styling of their motorcycles but make the engines look like something out of a washing machine.

Vomit inducing…

They should scale this up by a factor of about 5


Maybe @Tommy_Foto can explain the philosophy, as our resident Italian. :grin:


High speeds,
top performance.

Powerful and technically sophisticated: derived from the 1,285 cc Superquadro of the 1299 Panigale, the Superquadro Mono contains the Ducati racing DNA in a single cylinder. It inherits the racing character of the Superquadro and the desmodromic system which allows it to rev higher than anyone else and express itself in truly exciting sprints.
The limiter is set at 10,250 rpm: there is no other single-cylinder engine capable of reaching this speed. Power is the highest in its segment: 77.5 HP at 9,750 rpm, which becomes 84.5 with the racing exhaust.
Performance is record-breaking and maintenance intervals are benchmark: oil change every 15,000 km, valve clearance check every 30,000 km.

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You may notice a familiar device on the 125 cc engine I posted, but they managed to keep the aesthetics…

Max power at 13,000rpm

I work it out as 84.5hp /660cc = 0.128hp/cc
Verses 19hp / 124cc = 0.153hp/cc

Sorry, I’ll crawl back under my rock…