Suzuki Day at my local dealer

Called at my local dealer to book a service for Waspy my VStrom and they were having a Suzuki day. Took a few photos whilst I was there. Couldn’t take advantage of a test ride as I went on my moped scooter and wasn’t wearing any bike gear or helmet.


That is a very shinny busa

Quite a long swinging arm on the Hayabusa.

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Never mind the Busa’s Doesn’t anyone like my scooter :confused:

It’s a beauty. :slight_smile: Is that your new daily ride?

:grin: Thanks Saul. It’s my little shopping bike when I can’t be arsed to use the car. We have cycle lanes here in NL separated from roads so super safe to ride anywhere and it’s nice sometimes to just poodle along at 35mph

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Perfect transport for its environment!

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I’ve always said that two-wheels and an engine are most important factors. Fun to be had no matter what form they take. :grin:


Can’t believe that you’d take it shopping Nikki due to a lack of storage space. A top box is never enough, even with underseat storage. Would it pull a trailer?

Ade, I can carry 4 shopping bags full of stuff. 2 in the top box, 1 under the seat and another on the hook in front. Then there’s the floor too. As I’m on my own now I can get everything I need on the little scoot.

This is me coming back from the supermarket :joy:

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That still wouldn’t be enough for the wife…

35 mph and no helmet is not a good idea even if you do come from Yorkshire. :laughing:

You’d get your shopping in the hyabusa sidecar rig… :scream::sunglasses: