Suzuki (never ending) Story

I thought about putting the ‘story so far’ on my Suzuki GS750 1978, all in one place, Some of you will of heard most of this story before. Here goes.
Bought this bike in 2017 ish. I wanted something to work on, a project. I actually went to see a Honda CB750 1979, but when I got there I was more interested in the GS. The guy said the Honda was the nicer of the two. I had owned a Suzuki GS 750, years before when any money I had went on fuel and she never saw maintenance, I think this is my chance to do it right and look after the bike this time.
So bought and delivered.
Sat for a few months then I put on a Dynatek coil set with silicone leads and electronic ignition. Then it sits for 3 years.


Nice bike. Had one a few years ago, and back in the 80’s had its little brother the 550.


I picked up again and decided to push on with this project,

New throttle cable, brakes overhauled, electrical connectors cleaned. Clutch sticking from sitting so taken apart and oiled overnight.

New tyres, brake pads, chain an sprocket, started learning about Carbs.

Exhausts were rotten and so removed and started looking,and saving, for replacements. Ended up with a Vance and Hines 4 in to 1.

First thing with the Carbs was to clean everything, twice.


New exhaust partially fitted. New rear tyre and sprocket in place, and time flashing by this is March 2020 now.


These carbs would keep my occupied for a long time. I would guess they have been off and on setting float heights or syncing or changing one jet or another or simply, changing fasteners, around 25 times at this point.

Love that this fills my spare time and that I am finally learning how to keep my bike running.


New crash bars and repairs to the headlight shroud. The plastics are so old they are very brittle, and crumbling to the touch, and later on they are changed for new clocks and lights.


These Carb to head mating rubbers are goosed and allowing air in to the they were replaced. Pet cock check, working well still.


Carbs again.And again.

Oil filter and out for a test ride, great to get out but not quite right.
It is hard to know how wrong the bike is cos its 44 years old and I never rode it when it was perfect, so you are so happy it’s working but not sure how right/wrong she is.


May 2020.

Some of these bikes had a interconnected fork set up with a air valve pump and pressure equalisation system in place from the factory. Someone had added a home made version to mine. I removed this and set forks harder by adding more oil, seems ok so far.

Started customizing the rear end

And the front too.


Great job mate. The bike is looking brilliant and I’m sure you will eventually get it running to your liking. Thanks for posting.



Silicone leads are rubbish. Replaced with copper and old fashioned NRK caps look cool too.

Was using a lot of oil, so after testing, I found out the head gasket was gone. ( Doing this backwards eh) so, head skimmed, and then rebuilt over last, winter. The airbox rubbers were replaced. With a huge difference to the fueling.


Brilliant write up and thanks for posting!
Certainly more patience than i think i would have on it.
Not one for the faint hearted!

Now with the Carbs running well I find a massive clutch slip. So as of this week I have ordered new steel and friction plates. Everything, plates and springs are only just in spec, but the steel plates are warped. Sunday should be a busy day.

Will update you.


Brilliant in every way. The purists, pffft. I love it. Keep going and keep us updated. Many rounds of applause from me :clap: :clap: :clap:


Thanks guys it is so -one piece at a time- that it just seems like lots of little jobs. Anyone follow this guy? Now thats a project. Not in your league Iron.

Brilliant write up with an excellent set of photographs - keep going and good luck!

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That’s one for the YouTube channel thread

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So recap and latest work done.

Suzuki GS750 USA import 78.

Everything done.
Head skimmed, carbs rebuilt, Primary jets standard, main 110 . Vannes and Hines 4 into 1 , standard air box, resealed, new rubbers + clamps, for airbox and head,no leaks, Dynatek s coils, new leads, and plug caps are NGK. New clutch plates, steel and friction, installed with new oil.

My question or problem is… Bike seems to be working too hard to get up to 70mph then wont go further.

So far I’ve checked for clutch slip, wondered if I need to increase main jet size,or if its my advance ignition timing, I have an inline fuel filter too.

Going to look at these tomorrow, and also do some chop tests.

Anything you guys can add would be a great help.

I’d try for the easy stuff first.
Lack of fuel - is the cap venting ok are the fuel taps running ok are the lines running ok
Lack of air - blocked air filter/inlet
Zorsts too restrictive
Remove all of the above (as far as you can) and give it a blast down the road

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