T 140 bolt and nut list

Hi, Im trying to save a 78 Tiger TR7 RV from a failed cafe` racer project, I need a list of nuts and bolt sizes for a complete bike so I can get them locally in stainless as we are coastal NZ, Is such a thing available? thanks, Gerry


Hi there jedforce!
A name of @Iron springs to mind for this but there are lots of others who will pitch in, no doubt!
Welcome in and nice project!


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Yes, I think @iron would be the guy to help


Welcome @Jedforce, sounds like you have an interesting project there. Be good to see some pictures and progress.
I’m afraid I don’t have a complete list but given some time one could be created from the Parts Replacement Catalogue. They are available to download free at:


Look down the list for your bike and year of manufacture. Check the engine number for the year if you are not sure here:

The last two or three pages in the catalogue lists the part number, sizes, threads, head size etc. of every fixing including bolts, nuts, screws and washers. What it doesn’t do is list how many of each you need.
To get the numbers you’ll need to go through the diagrams and/or lists on each page and count up the numbers listed.
I imagine you are wanting to give a list to someone to get them all made up at once. For fixings etc this should be ok but for stress members you should stick to the original spec as the tensile capabilities differ. I would stick to original specs on head bolts, big end and any internal engine fixings.
Best of luck with the project.


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