T100 decat

I was going to wait till I got the first service done but I got bored tonight so started taking things apart. These euro5 bikes have the pipes welded to the cat box… nothing a bit of cutting and welding can’t fix!

The de-cat pipe along side a cat I have from a street twin… this will come in useful!

Silencers and headers off, frame rail has to come off too to get the cat out from between the frame. This is where the euro4 ones come out easily! With the pipes welded to the cat it was quite tricky. With hindsight I should have stood the bike on a block of wood for extra wiggle clearance under the bike! But got the bugger out in the end.

The offending cat with pipes welded to it.

I’ll finish it tomorrow, its getting dark and I’ve no lights in the other shed where the cutting and welding will take place.


Up early to get this finished. Forecast said it would rain at lunch time so plenty of time to get finished and go for a ride.
That cat off the street twin, I cut the pipe ends off with the flaired ends. Those will be welded to my existing pipes

I had to buy the exhaust clamps, gaskets and crush washers for the headers… nearly 50 quids thank you Triumph! So clamped the flaired ends to the decat pipe to get a size where to cut my t100 pipes.

And of course weld together… Not the neatest welding but I am a rank amateur at welding but confident its a strong weld.

Ready to put back together again starting with the x-pipe.

This was the bit I was a little nervous about, fitting the pipes that I had cut and welded. If my cuts weren’t square and plumb, these weren’t going to line up but thankfully it all went rather smoothly.

And job done :grinning:

She sounds great! There is still cats in the silencers but this one has made just enough difference. I didn’t want any more volume, its actually loud enough as standard but sounded quite muted when revved. It now has a bit more of a bark, quite a nice result. Oh and the rain came early but I still managed to get a wee test ride.


Good job dude

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Nice work - including nice welding - and a great write up. Full marks! :grinning:

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Nice job, sorted :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve seen (and done) a lot worse welds :+1: