Talk like a Pirate day

Tomorrow 19th September is Talk like a Pirate day

Oh arrr

Shiver me timbers…

Whose a pretty boy? Oops dyslexia kicking in again.

Captain Flint was a pirate parrot :pirate_flag::parrot:

Evry day’s a pirate day 'ere me ansum

Do Seaman Stains, Master Bates and Roger the Cabin Boy count as pirates?

Nearly bought a very pirate-y pub in Penzance once. Today would’ve been a highlight of the year. :grin:

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A West Country friend once told me a limerick about a young girl from Penzance (or Penzaance, as he pronounced it), but I think it’s a bit rude to repeat here…


Oh go on, nobody is watching :grinning:

Oh, all right then. If you’re sure that nobody’s watching…

To be recited in a broad West Country accent:

There was a young girl from Penzaance
Who fell off a bus in a traance.
The randy conductor,
He jumped off and ******
And the driver came twice in his paants.