TallPaul checking in

I’ve kept the same name, but altered the spelling with a capital P, I’m another refugee fed up of the spam at TTF. Thanks Octoberon for being the one to provide us with an alternative. Looking forward to seeing how this new place matures.


It’s not the most cunning discguise ever. I still knew who it was. :wink:

Forums are all about the people but I’ll continue to build something worthy of a good community.

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Thanks, camouflage is not my best attribute.

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Would that be your tallness by any chance? :grinning:

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It may be, however, since my return to biking with others, 6’2" no longer seems quite as tall.


Still tall to me, by about 3".


" Octoberon


Still tall to me, by about 3"."

…and me by about 3ft!!! :grin:

I exaggerate (but only slightly!) for comedic effect.

Still, you know what they say :- the best things come in small packages, except for rat sh!t and poison!!


Im 5’10.039" (recent accurate hospital measurement, im not obsessed with height)
But everyone in my family has always called me tall, my sister is convinced I’m over 6ft, mainly because my family are all short arses, my dad was 5’4" my Mam 5’ my sister 5’ which goes to prove in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.