Taxed my Bonneville

…a bit earlier than usual but the ongoing saga with my car means it could be handy to run errands on. Payment page crashed but just had my email, so l’m on the road from tomorrow. So long since l used it l forgot where to put the key! :crazy_face: Checked tyres, been round the block, not crashed, all good. Get an oil filter soon as well and do all the normal Spring stuff. Might even make me feel a bit better…:crossed_fingers:


Well done that man. What’s up with your car?

Failed mot on worn brake pads. For speed l told garage to replace them. Rang me to say couldn’t do it as a caliper piston was seized. Fetched it back, braking was terrible (see photo :unamused:) That caliper was new last October. Supplier won’t replace without viewing it, which would mean open hydraulic line for several days. In the meantime reversed up to container to dump some stuff, braked, nothing happened until BUMP the container stopped me. Busted rear light, one coming from Ebay. Ever feel like you’ve shot a robin? :smile:

This is how a professional leaves your caliper slide pin…

That’s bad luck Alan. Let us know how things progress :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks mate. In the overall scheme of things, it’s small beer. Having a few days off from work, sort my head out, prob drive down to my son’s at the weekend and fix it in the comfort of a garage floor :smile:

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What can I say…. There’s mechanics……. then there’s mechanics!

Had a wee run out to take some worksheets in to a customer l subcontract for. Have l lost touch or are the roads utterly awful now? Nice to be out on two wheels again, even in the cold and drizzle. Found a hole in the finger of my glove though, another little reminder of last winter’s mouse invasion. Barely an item of bike gear not chewed…:frowning::grin:

Mmm, leather. Munch, munch, munch… :laughing:

Well, coming back to the professional repair on my car-as you are aware the caliper slide pin bolts were loose, causing the brakes to operate a bit randomly. Found 4 faults with our VAG diagnostics, so clearly they’d not correctly set in service mode, or done basic settings afterwards. This also matters because you can’t retract the piston if the brake motor hasn’t been rewound, so you get symptoms very much like a seized caliper piston…you know where this is going. Once we rewound the motor we pushed the piston back by hand :unamused: Oh, and what is wrong with this picture?