Test Ride 1200 GT Exploder

Well had a test ride on a 1200 Explorer GT yesterday, and all I read about is true: unfortunately :frowning:
The test ride was a bit of a joke as spent most of it in 30 and 40 mph zones with about 5 mins in a 60mph that was busy, so again was only doing about 40mph.
The bike was very nice. The suspension was bouncy so managed to put in sport mode, that appeared to improve it. Quick shifter worked well. No snatchiness from the throttle which was an issue on the 1st one I had when the model first came out in 2012.
Lots of room on the bike, for me. Wasn’t allowed to take a pillion so no idea if it would be ok 2 up.
TFT was nice and clear to use.
But the killer for me was it is very very buzzy. I could feel the vibes through the seat, bars, pegs and tank. So much that it would do my head in. All the write ups I have read say the same that the vibes are noticeable. For me they are more than noticeable, they are off putting.
I would like to try another one that has a few thousand miles on the clock to see if the vibes subside a bit with mileage. No idea how many miles were on the demo bike.


Blimey a 1200 GT Exploder sounds dangerous :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Shame you didn’t like it, what else are you considering?

Keep the K16 I have, get a new one, or get summat else. Test riding other bikes to see if there is something else that can replace my K16. I have a Speed Triple as well, but that may go and I’ll put my Busa back on the road.

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Strange that. Mine with now 200 miles on it has no noticeable vibrations at all - nor did the demo I rode two weeks ago. I love this bike.