That's Amazeballs!

Yeah, I went there with the title. :grin: This thread is for all those, er, amazing and impressive things that happen, big or small, on this messed up planet. Doesn’t have to be about bikes but if it is check whether there’s already an appropriate category or thread for it elsewhere.

Here’s one to kick off:


The day an atomic bomb was dropped on South Carolina.


Clever idea or too much?

Doesn’t cornering abs virtually eliminate this problem on the road already?

I would sometimes be on the back brake into a corner if I’m feeling playful. It really does make a difference to how the bike turns.

Wasn’t going to post this, then I remembered the Amazeballs! thread. :grin:

I know just enough about CPU architecture and Excel to follow what this guy has done. I also know I’m the only one around here who will watch the whole video but it’s too delightfully geeky not to share. :laughing:

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If you didn’t watch this on TV you missed an amazeballs programme.


7 mins… I get what he’s doing, but it’s not a thrill a second… :dotted_line_face: