The 2035 Ban – MAG’s Fighting Response

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News from the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG)

The 2035 Ban – MAG’s Fighting Response.

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) has submitted its response to UK
motorcycling’s most important consultation today. The response runs to
29 pages of widely referenced arguments against the proposed end to
sales of new petrol-powered motorcycles. It authentically represents
the view of the majority of UK bikers and fulfils MAG’s pledge to fight
the proposed ban to the last ditch.

The consultation, entitled ‘L-category vehicles: ending sales of new
non-zero emission models’, launched in July is due to close at 23:45 on
Wednesday 21st September. MAG has been resolute in defending the views
of UK motorcyclists, the vast majority of whom oppose the policy

MAG Chair, Neil Liversidge, said:

“The government is making a huge mistake in trying to pick winners.
Free markets pick winners, not bureaucrats. I can see that and so can
MAG members. Governments do not have the ability to predict the future
and should not seek to limit innovation and creativity in solving the
problems that we all face. We have openly stated a willingness to work
with the Government on reducing the environmental impacts of transport.
The proposed enforced end of fossil-fuelled internal combustion engine
vehicles on this, or any other, timescale is not the way to get to the
best outcomes. The justification for the focus on zero tailpipe
emissions is highly questionable, and the ridiculously short schedule is
unnecessary. The outcomes will be economically and socially
catastrophic. The benefits will be too small to measure. We shall not
stand by and allow this policy to go unchallenged.

We are faithfully representing the views of the vast majority of riders,
and I trust that other organisations will put a similar level of passion
and clarity into their responses. Simply trying to delay this policy is
the wrong approach. It must be rejected in its entirety. Our
exhaustive research has gone far beyond the world of motorcycling, and
nothing we have found dissuades us from the belief that this policy is

MAG’s full consultation response is available here:

MAG continues to seek a meeting with DfT ministers. MAG formally
requested a meeting with Trudy Harrison in July. That was delayed due
to the Tory leadership contest and, more recently, the sad death of
Queen Elizabeth II. There is now a new Secretary of State for
Transport, Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP. MAG is continuing to press for a
meeting with Trevelyan as soon as possible

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